“Peace of mind and predictability come at a cost, risk and volatility are totally free.”

Watkinson Capital Advisors LLC is a Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities registered investment advisor focusing on the municipal bond market. We identify and locate quality municipal bonds with superior yields from U.S. municipalities across the country. Watkinson Capital Advisors LLC exploits inefficiencies in this niche market by locating bonds that are undervalued, under priced or misunderstood.

Watkinson Capital Advisors LLC builds portfolios consisting of individual bond issues in a separately managed account. Our mission is to provide our clients with customized portfolios that have the best proportions of current yield and upside potential, coupled with downside risk protection. Our sole focus is capital preservation while meeting the current and future financial needs of our clients.

Remember, investing in Municipal Bonds is ...Your Staying Rich money, not your Getting Rich money.

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